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A section of DNA that contains the genetic code for a single polypeptide and functions as a hereditary unit.

[From cis-trans test, a genetic test (cis- + trans-) + -on.]

cis·tron′ic adj.


(Biology) cistron-related
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Simmons L.C et al expressed a F(ab')2 fragment by a separate cistronic system.
Polycistronic expression cassette is simpler to construct and expression can be controlled better than the separate cistronic systems because genes in polycistronic expression cassette are under the control of one promoter instead of multiple promoters in separate cistronic vectors.
Each chromosome was designated by a series of scalars, termed Cistronic Stop Ratio Series (CSRS), representing the ratio of distributions of stop sequences in each on the 3 reading frames of all cistrons in a genome.