References in classic literature ?
Note an interesting incident or two for citation in class.
Note definitely for citation in class passages of strong appeal to the various senses and of beautiful melody and cadence.
Special attention may be given to any one, or more, of the statements or suggestions in the text, considering its application in the poems read, with citation of illustrative lines.
Can we, then, by the citation of some of those instances wherein this thing of whiteness --though for the time either wholly or in great part stripped of all direct associations calculated to impart to it aught fearful, but, nevertheless, is found to exert over us the same sorcery, however modified; --can we thus hope to light upon some chance clue to conduct us to the hidden cause we seek?
Martin frowned inwardly at the citation of that worthy gentleman, and went on: "I put stamps on all my manuscripts and started them off to the editors again.
He had himself experienced their vindictive cruelty, and his story deserves particular citation, as showing the hairbreadth adventures to which these solitary rovers of the wilderness are exposed.
I cannot better introduce the few poems which I shall present for your consideration, than by the citation of the Proem to Longfellow's "Waif":
Is Richard a monster in all this, or would Chancery be found rich in such precedents too if they could be got for citation from the Recording Angel?
I here close the citation which I have thought it my duty to make from Monsieur Maleine's narrative.
Casaubon; digestion was made difficult by the interference of citations, or by the rivalry of dialectical phrases ringing against each other in his brain.
(41) Wilamowitz thinks one or other of these citations belongs to the Catalogue.
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