citizens band

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cit·i·zens band

n. Abbr. CB
A radio-frequency band officially allocated for private radio communications.

cit′izens band`

(often caps.) a band of radio frequencies used for short-distance private communications between fixed or mobile stations. Abbr.: CB
[1945–50, Amer.]
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So, it would be a farmers market, a teachers college and a citizens band radio.
Until now, travelers on the 415-mile Dalton Highway have communicated by Citizens Band radio or satellite phone--there has been no cell coverage," said Jimmy Sipes, VP of GCI Network Services.
The authorities got to know about the whale from Citizens Band radio chatter about 8 a.
Years before mobile phones were dreamed of, Citizens Band (CB) radio was a two-way, low-power radio band used by the American public.
L'oeuvre Citizens Band etait placee a l'une des deux portes d'entree de l'exposition, un contexte fort approprie pour cette premiere nord-americaine qui offre une mise en lumiere hautement sensorielle de ce qui circule entre nous (1).
Oh, well, but those are matters that could be corrected easily by any government agency that will now pursue the revival of citizens band car groups volunteers.
Chicago-based Cobra Electronics specialises in designing and marketing two-way mobile communications and mobile navigation products, examples being radar detectors, two-way radios and citizens band radios.
A man trapped in his crashed truck Tuesday afternoon on Little Fall Creek Mainline Road east of Fall Creek used his citizens band radio to call for help, and ultimately was assisted by another man with a CB radio, the Lane County Sheriff's Office said Wednesday.
For a few years he worked as music director, composer and pianist for the legendary New York musical troupe The Citizens Band.
The founders of The Citizens Band were inspired by the play Cabaret, set in 1930s Berlin, that married avant garde style and sophistication to heart-on-the-sleeve human rights advocacy.
Penta Base, as it was initially called, came into being as a privately operated coast radio facility in the mid-1970s with the advent of marine citizens band radio, catering mainly for locals out fishing off the Central Coast.

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