citronella oil

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citronel′la oil`

a pale yellowish pungent oil distilled from citronella, used in the manufacture of liniment, perfume, and soap, and as an insect repellent.
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Summary: [170 Pages Report] Citronella Oil Market research report categorizes the global market By Source Type (Natural, Organic), By Form Type (Absolute, Concentrates, Blends), By Application (Therapeutics, Aromatherapy, Food & Beverages, Cosmetics, Toiletries, Fragrances, Cleaning & Home, Others), By Distribution Channel (Modern Trade, Franchise Outlets, Specialty Stores, Online), & by Region.
'Instead, burnJava Citronella Oil, [pounds sterling]6.99, which is three times stronger than the regular stuff.'
5 Burn citronella oil, not candles Ditch the candles, says Howard - even the citronella ones, as the carbon dioxide from the flames attracts bugs, counteracting the effects of the repelling scent.
The report takes a closer look at the demand dynamics of various composition types in the home insecticides market such as N,N-diethyl-meta-Toluamide (DEET), hydroxyethyl isobutyl piperidine carboxylate (picaridin or icaridin), geraniol, and citronella oil. The study takes a critical look at the sales channels in the home insecticides market in modern trade, drug stores, convinience store, and e-commerce.
Marawi IDPs were trained on how to extract Citronella Oil using the Essential Oil Extractor (DOST / MANILA BULLETIN)
For example, Human Nature purchases citronella oil at 40 to 60 percent above market value.
FTIR spectra of PHB films incorporated with citronella oil.
At home, you can try using natural mosquito repellents like citronella oil, lemon grass oil and neem oil or chemical repellants to keep mosquitoes away.
Burn Java citronella oil in an oil burner or citronella incense sticks instead.
Other oils (Bergamot oil, Citronella oil, Geranium oil, Thyme oil, Yarrow oil)
These patches contain citronella oil, a natural mosquito repellent.