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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - being or having the customs or manners or dress of a city person
urban - located in or characteristic of a city or city life; "urban property owners"; "urban affairs"; "urban manners"
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Many persons, themselves city-bred and city-reared, have fled to the soil and succeeded in winning great happiness.
It said: "They are fishwives, a race of mighty ruddy-cheeked women, any one of whom would be a match in tongue, probably as well as muscle, for three ordinary city-bred men."
Learning to row a boat was a new experience for the city-bred girl.
Again these city-bred youngsters whose idea of a heavy meal is a croissant and a packet of juice would find the going very rough if they were relocated to my village.
India, April 1 -- Watchman apparently is a euphemistic city-bred term often used to describe a lowly Chowkidar's job, which no skilled or literate person wants to do, but as a last resort.
Conversely, city-bred Koreans are, by and large, not generally inclined to smile at passersby, or even look them in the eye (except some elderly folk who may stare).
I remember a city-bred activist in the late 1980s who asked a farmer: 'Why are you so slow?' The farmer responded: 'You are like a bird in the sky, and you fly very fast.
She showed the city-bred visitors how to prepare Cavite-style bacalao cooked in Magnolia Dari Creme and flavored with tausiand garbanzos.
Sonam Kapoor as Pari the city-bred, tabla maestro and a freshly minted MBA, is a misfit and strictly mediocre.
Like the early neoconservatives, the libertarian graybeards were mostly Catholics and Jews and largely New York City-bred or based.
On the one hand, there are city-bred and educated young women like me, and on the other hand there are young women who live in the city but in areas that can best be described as urban villages.
Born in England, he arrived down under as an ambitious and adventurous city-bred young man.