civic pride

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Noun1.civic pride - pride in your city
pride - satisfaction with your (or another's) achievements; "he takes pride in his son's success"
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They drifted along the line of seats made gay with the dresses of the summer boarders, and one of the town officials patrolled and perspired till he shone all over with pure civic pride.
Skelton Villages Civic Pride held its Open Gardens in June.
The environmental improvement project was supported by Durham County Council's Civic Pride and Clean and Green teams, Durham Constabulary and staff from Durham City Homes.
Stamatoula Panagakou of the University of Cyprus organised and convened four panels on "British Idealism: Political Philosophy, Civic Pride and Ethical Citizenship" during the conference.
The free-to-enter scheme is led by the council's civic pride and clean and green teams and provides funding opportunities for small groups to get involved in the wider Britain in Bloom initiatives.
Councillors are happy to promote civic pride and the Olympic legacy for hosting some of 2012's football matches.
The idea was suggested by Lord Mayor Coun Mike Leddy as a way of expressing civic pride and for firms to show their roots.
A BIRMINGHAM Civic Pride award could be set up in a bid to encourage the growth of grass root activism, volunteering and the Big Society in the city.
So come on council, show some civic pride and make the rest of this world-renowned street proud to be alive again, worthy of being the gateway to our great city.
Gehry, 81, said he was "outraged by the selfishness, lack of civic pride and ignorance" of the group of Paris residents who opposed his design, according to French architect Jean Nouvel, who spoke on Gehry's behalf.
Lucas tries to convince Denise, Charlie and Jean to abandon their gardens revamp, but their sense of civic pride is just too strong.
Granted, that particular toxic environment required a little more than a bit of gardening, like the money and legacy politics that came with the Merseyside Development Corporation, but over a century earlier a lady called Kate Sessions demonstrated how a little ingenuity and cooperation could transform San Diego, California, from desert scrublands into great public amenities and centres of civic pride.