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Noun1.civil leader - a leader in municipal affairscivil leader - a leader in municipal affairs  
leader - a person who rules or guides or inspires others
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Human rights lawyers Chel Diokno and Marawi civil leader Samira Gutoc are clear campus favorites along with Makabayan coalition bet Neri Colmenares, topping several university polls.
It moves between a wider discussion of how people make decisions that determine outcome and their lives and how values are formed to how to discover one's own purpose in life, and it comes from a businessman and civil leader, not your usual new age guru.
Now one civil leader, who became a reluctant global spokesman for the town, says it is time to move on, albeit without ever forgetting.
Kennedy and Arthur Schlesinger, a historian and Kennedy aide in 1964, has revealed that she was disgusted over the black civil leader's claims of having been drunk during the assassinated President's funeral.
Effects-Based Operations: Offensive, defensive, stability, and support operations planned and executed to achieve the commander's desired effect on a threat element, civil leader (tribal, ethnic, or governmental), or population group.
Nafie denies any arrangement to meet Agar at Addis Ababa Akhir Lahza: Messairia civil leader (nazir): Dinka has to quit People Movement Gas explosion led to destruction of famous fish restaurant in Khartoum as Reply Forward
"This plan aims to create a more co-ordinated, joined-up approach so that agencies can share information and work together to provide the best possible solutions, with Belfast City Council as the civil leader."
The DFCF revealed that military leaders will head the sovereign council for 21 months, then civil leaders will take the power for 18 months.
"Together, we aspire to work with civil leaders and elected officials to find ways to better the communities where we play."
He encouraged councillors and other civil leaders to advocate for community participation by registering to vote in the future.
Meanwhile, military and civil leaders should come to an understanding on the composition of the interim government.
Over 3,000 political, business and civil leaders are gathering in Davos, Switzerland, for the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting.