civil libertarian

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civil liberties

Fundamental individual rights, such as freedom of speech and religion, especially as protected from excessive governmental intrusion by constitutional guarantees.

civil libertarian n.
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Noun1.civil libertarian - a libertarian who is actively concerned with the protection of civil liberties
libertarian - an advocate of libertarianism
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A man of no professed faith, a civil libertarian's civil libertarian, an unabashed liberal who was also pro-life.
Researchers in communication and journalism examine how the dueling traditions of dissent and suppression during the 19th century gave rise to the civil libertarian interpretations of the First Amendment that many Americans embrace today.
The Republican Party at least has the decency not to get its civil libertarian supporters' hopes up.
Recommended Guidelines for the Use of Unmanned Aircraft, compiled by the IACP's Aviation Committee, addresses civil libertarian concerns that drones' high-profile overseas role as robotic assassins will be imported for domestic use.
One prominent civil libertarian blames President Barack Obama for expanding the growth of executive power.
Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold, reviled by many on the Right for championing campaign-finance restrictions, was nonetheless a staunch civil libertarian and fierce critic of the liberal hawks in his own party.
And as a passionate civil libertarian, he said of the rage to punish those connected with the cartoon: 'All political pundits deserve a wide berth for social criticism and for parodying and poking fun at and criticizing our political leaders, no matter the skin color or race of the public official.
That is what worries me most--not only from a civil libertarian perspective but with respect to the quality of our cultural life.
There was the botched investigation of atomic scientist Wen Ho Lee, in which FBI mistakes mined a suspect widely believed to be guilty into a hem in some Asian and civil libertarian circles.
Any one who believes that free exercise ought to be protected in this country, regardless of whether they are a religious person or civil libertarian or both, should be rooting for the UDV in this case.
Entrepreneur and civil libertarian John Gilmore was wearing a one-inch pin which displayed the words "Suspect Terrorist".
To be a civil libertarian is to be hyperbolic occasionally and paranoid often; freedom is usually under attack in some way, and measures that undermine it are like a computer virus, worming their way into the system, draining off resources and proving very hard to dislodge once in place.