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Russian officers in civvies were seen driving Iranian and Hizbullah officers, also in civilian garb, into the town of Quneitra and settling them in the building that houses the "administration center.
They often pretend to have people in civilian garb acting as though they are civilians who are Hamas fighters," Clinton said during an appearance on the CNN program "State of the Union.
What about the "natural senators," who happened to be ex-soldiers, who crowded Parliament in civilian garb following the 1960 putsch and the head of state in military uniform following the 1980 coup?
Living historians were everywhere, clad in actual WWII uniforms and 1940s civilian garb.
The latest example of egregious violence, which has been uploaded to YouTube, shows fighters inflicting extreme violence against unarmed individuals dressed in civilian garb.
Sri Lanka also said the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) fighters - a group classified as a terrorist organisation by more than 30 countries - often dressed in civilian garb, making it unclear who was a combatant.
Given the propensity for flagrant malefaction exhibited daily by what Egyptians have come to know as "the thugs," both uniformed and in civilian garb, one cannot help but marvel at the fact that so many of those who committed crimes in service of Hosni Mubarak remain in their positions of privilege and power, permitted to greet each new day with new offences against their fellow citizens.
In the attack on the Cole in October 2000, two suicide bombers in civilian garb waved at the crew and then drove their boat full of explosives into the side of the warship as it refueled in the Port of Aden.
Lee donned civilian garb, reminded the Texans he was a Virginian, and was ultimately allowed to proceed (though he was apparently quite provoked by the Texans, who tried unsuccessfully to get him to declare allegiance to the South then and there).
One is the assumption that the election is designed to prolong military supremacy rule in civilian garb and the other, the planned "electoral authoritarianism", which characterizes and present an illusion of multi-party democracy at the local and national levels while effectively stripping elections of efficacy, would somehow lead to a gradual widening of political space.
No one with a conscience and progressive beliefs can remain within a government that is in the vice-grip of power mongers and dictators in civilian garb.
The late Boudiaf, the legitimate son of the Algerian revolution, was the only one to have returned to Algeria in civilian garb bestowing on the country a desperately needed historic legitimacy.

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