tr.v. ci·vil·ian·ized, ci·vil·ian·iz·ing, ci·vil·ian·iz·es
To convert to civilian operation or control.

ci·vil′ian·i·za′tion (-ĭ-zā′shən) n.


(sɪˌvɪljənaɪˈzeɪʃən) or


the conversion from military to civilian status
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Our goal is to preserve the long-term civilianization of oversight of police in B.C., while recognizing that the IIO has had difficulty identifying a sufficient pool of adequately trained and experienced candidates to hire as investigators, said David Eby, Attorney General.
In other words, the civilianization of the MENA rulers was an illusion, because rather than relinquishing their pivotal roles, the militaries merely integrated with the governments in different models.
These include police use of force (Ederheimer 2007; Police Executive Research Forum 2012, 2015); body cameras (Police Executive Research Forum 2014); human resource (especially front-line officer) deployment (Sviridoff 1982); civilianization (Kiedrowski 2017); police learning (Chan 2003); and community policing, including problem-oriented or problem-solving approaches (McKenna 2000), among others.
This is an opportune moment to raise a bigger but urgently needed demand - that of the merger of FATA with mainstream Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province so that the "tribal areas" are also brought into the fold of the general "democratization" and "civilianization" of state and society underway in Pakistan, with all its imperfect paraphernalia of elections, rule of law,accountability, local government, etc.
(61) Aylin Guney, "Europeanization of civil-military relations in Turkey: civilianization without democratization?", Tekin and Guney (eds.) Europeanization of Turkey, p.108-124.
Senator Risa Hontiveros on Tuesday pushed for continued 'professionalization' and 'civilianization' of the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) as she expressed alarm over alleged extrajudicial and 'unexplained' killings in the country.
To enhance our Corps' capacity to serve - to keep pace with the growing importance and integration of logistics; the trend to stronger centralized direction of logistics operations; the trend toward civilianization [of Vietnam]; and the rapid technological advances which are reshaping the face of logistics - to keep pace with all of these trends, a set of long-range objectives for our Corps is necessary.
(123) The Department of Northern Affairs and National Resources further encouraged the civilianization of radio, even partnering with the CBC to plan the northward expansion of its National Service.
During modern AK Party rule, despite the party's conservative stance, the relationship between state and military continues to be navigated, and the Turkish army continues to undergo a process of "civilianization." Finally, the contemporary discussion of Turkish immigrants abroad--specifically, in Germany, where they are referred to as gastarbeiter, or "foreign guests" and where there is much controversy surrounding the purportedly "recent" and, to many Germans, unwelcome influx of Turkish migrants--appears in the book as a reminder that Turkish migration is not a recent phenomenon.
"Our party constitutes a ground where the unity and the integrity of the Republic of Turkey, the secular, democratic, social state of law, and the processes of civilianization, democratization, freedom of belief and equality of opportunity are considered essential."
The City will allocate $170 million to add approximately 1,300 new uniformed officers to the NYPD's roster, along with reforms in overtime and civilianization that, when phased in, will generate over $70 million in savings.
On the other hand and despite the above mentioned incidences of coups the civilianization of elite recruitment is clearly the bright side' of the consolidation of civilian control in Asia.