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tr.v. civ·i·lized, civ·i·liz·ing, civ·i·liz·es
1. To raise from barbarism to an enlightened stage of development; bring out of a primitive or savage state.
2. To educate in matters of culture and refinement; make more polished or sophisticated.

civ′i·liz′a·ble adj.
civ′i·liz′er n.
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Pero esta ha de ser controlada para evitar cruzamientos con razas inferiores, ya que solo mediante el cruce con razas superiores o medias se logra superarla, "formando aquello que es civilizable en nuestra especie" (Graham, 1990: 10, citando a Goubineau).
For that instant, Baxter's 'difference' is erased and he proves himself open to conversion; he shifts from being a troubling and unpredictable other to a civilizable entity.
There is some note here also which is that "the contradiction among barbarians who invaded the Romanian empire between the fourth and sixth century" made a necessary differentiation among those groups that went destroying in the empire whatever faced them without thinking settlement or staying in these lands or even leave any impact in its history other than rapine, and those other correlated groups who invaded any of the Romanian territories and got mixed into natives ethnically and civilizable, which in turn left a deep impact in its history.