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1. Of, relating to, or befitting a citizen or citizens: civil duties.
2. Of or relating to citizens and their interrelations with one another or with the state: government agencies concerned with civil affairs.
3. Of ordinary citizens or ordinary community life as distinguished from the military or the ecclesiastical: married in a civil ceremony at city hall.
4. Sufficiently observing or befitting accepted social usages; polite: a civil reply. See Synonyms at polite.
5. Being in accordance with or denoting legally recognized divisions of time: a civil year.
6. Law Relating to the rights of private individuals and legal proceedings concerning these rights as distinguished from criminal, military, or international regulations or proceedings.

[Middle English, from Latin cīvīlis, from cīvis, citizen; see civic.]

civ′il·ly adv.
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(ˈsɪv ə li)

1. politely; courteously.
2. in accordance with civil law.
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Adv.1.civilly - in a civil manner; "he treats his former wife civilly"
uncivilly - in an uncivil manner; "he treats his former wife uncivilly"
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بِأَدَب، بِلَطافَه


[ˈsɪvɪlɪ] ADVcortésmente, atentamente
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[ˈsɪvəli] adv [greet, speak, nod] → polimentcivil rights
npldroits mpl civils
modif [movement] → pour les droits civils; [activist, campaigner] → pour les droits civilscivil servant nfonctionnaire mf
She's a civil servant → Elle est fonctionnaire.Civil Service
modif [reform] → de la fonction publique; [jobs] → de la fonction publique; [rules, system] → de la fonction publiquecivil war nguerre f civile
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adv (= politely)höflich, zuvorkommend
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[ˈsɪvɪlɪ] advcivilmente, educatamente, gentilmente
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(ˈsivl) adjective
1. polite, courteous.
2. of the state or community. civil rights.
3. ordinary; not military or religious. civil life.
4. concerned with law cases which are not criminal.
civilian (siˈviljən) noun
a person who has a civil job, not in the armed forces.
civility (siˈviləti) noun
politeness. Treat strangers with civility.
ˈcivilly adverb
ˌcivil deˈfence noun
(American civil defense) the organization responsible for protection of civilians from enemy bombing etc and for rescue operations after such attacks.
ˌcivil disoˈbedience noun
a refusal by a large number of people to pay taxes or obey certain laws in a nonviolent way in order to protest against the government, its policies etc.
civil engineerengineercivil liberties/rights
the rights of a citizen according to the law of the country.
civil servant
a member of the civil service.
civil service
the organization which runs the administration of a state.
civil war
(a) war between citizens of the same state. the American Civil War.
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References in classic literature ?
But the pleasures of hope so fired his heart that the Viper thawed, and sliding to the ground thanked the Man civilly for his hospitality and glided away.
This speech being unintelligible to the Bulldog he only civilly smiled, which so terrified the Spaniel that he dropped dead in his tracks.
I shall answer the pater's letter civilly. He's evidently anxious to do the decent thing.
The doctor nodded civilly, half thinking that the stranger's uncommon greeting was perhaps in deference to the historic surroundings.
John Dashwood said nothing; but her husband civilly hoped that she would not be settled far from Norland.
"Speak to me more civilly," he said, "before I kill you."
Bennet and her daughters apologised most civilly for Lydia's interruption, and promised that it should not occur again, if he would resume his book; but Mr.
I made a point also of Frederica's behaving civilly to Sir James, and gave her to understand that I was absolutely determined on her marrying him.
He answered my question civilly in his own language.
'Who knows,' said he, with a cunning look, 'but the gentleman may have civilly meant to ask if he might have the honour to take a hand with us!'
And they answered civilly, though they were so terrified that they hid behind one another, and said:
"No," she replied, and then stood looking at me civilly enough.