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n. Chiefly Southern, Midland, & Western US
Sour, curdled milk. Also called regionally thick milk.
tr. & intr.v. clab·bered, clab·ber·ing, clab·bers
To curdle.

[Short for bonnyclabber.]


curdled milk
vb (intr)
to curdle


(ˈklæb ər)
South Midland and Southern U.S.
1. milk that has soured and thickened; curdled milk.
2. (of milk) to curdle; to become thick in souring.
[1625–35; < Irish clabar, short for bainne clabair bonnyclabber]
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Noun1.clabber - raw milk that has soured and thickened
dairy product - milk and butter and cheese
Verb1.clabber - turn into curds; "curdled milk"
change state, turn - undergo a transformation or a change of position or action; "We turned from Socialism to Capitalism"; "The people turned against the President when he stole the election"
References in classic literature ?
Tom got all the delicacies, Chambers got mush and milk, and clabber without sugar.
Not in photo: Kay Kuenker, Dow AgroSciences and Gary Morris, Clabber Girl.
Three fingers of Clabber Girl baking powder, sprinkle of salt (a little salt over the left shoulder for luck), a few handfuls of La Pina flour, Rex lard, and warm water from the aluminum coffeepot.
Eggs, butter, milk and other such ingredients should be at room temperature while being utilized for Christmas cake preparation as cold ingredients may cause mixture to clabber.
This came into play in 2012 when baking products specialist Clabber Girl, another Indiana-based company, became a customer.
The subdivision is just to the west of the Clabber Creek subdivision off Mount Comfort Road.
War closed the track once more, from 19421945, and in 1945, Rickenbacker sold the Speedway to Tony Hulman, an Indianan whose company made the once-ubiquitous Clabber Gift Baking Powder.
Upbringing: the Pedagogy of East Boogie * (Three Kwansabas) #1 Grandmother's Soulversity whether churnin' lye into soap, earth into produce, clabber into butter, sass into whippin, snow into ice cream, sermon into succor, hair into plait, body-ash into glisten, theory into thimble, remnant into quilt, kitchen into sparkle--or what-not into feast-- her edict was, "get some learnin', boy.
Industrial $2 million-10 million: Clabber Girl Manufacturing Facility, Terre Haute
The products appearing in the film were Holly sugar, King Arthur flour, Alessi salt, Great Value baking soda, and Clabber Girl baking powder.
Indeed, after Halle loses his mind, he is seen by Paul D to be smearing churned butter and clabber over his face.
Mix well, stirring approximately 10 minutes or until milk begins to clabber.