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A design of Irish origin showing two hands clasping a crowned heart, usually displayed on a piece of jewelry, especially a ring, and given as a token of love or friendship.

[After Claddagh, a fishing village and suburb of Galway.]
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The new employees will be based at the company's centre in the Claddagh area of Galway city.
Riding Claddagh Iroko, she completed a clear round to make the jump off and then completed another clear round in 34.95 seconds but was edged out by Robert Whitaker who took the title in 34.51 seconds and Laura Kraut who finished in 34.94 seconds, just a tenth of a second ahead of Smith in second place.
The dog was bred for great things as dam Claddagh Pearl was a daughter of the great Dolores Ruth-owned brood Razldazl Pearl and was a member of the same litter as Derby winner Razldazl George and his illustrious brother Razlkdazl Jayfkay.
A pal said: "The Claddagh Association in Perth are working to get Gerard home as soon a possible."
Federal prosecutors told the newspaper that the items belonging to Bulger and his girlfriend are in storage in Massachusetts and are being appraised.Officials believe the highest-value items include a claddagh ring estimated to be worth $48,000 and Bulger's replica 1986 Stanley Cup championship ring valued at about $3,000.
In preparation for the funeral, Richardson's coffin was driven to the couple's Hudson Valley farmhouse, emblazoned with an Irish claddagh symbol, signifying love, friendship and loyalty.
The Claddagh, an Irish-speaking fishing village, comprised a dense network of traditional thatched cottages at the very heart of Galway city during the nineteenth century.
A Claddagh ring my brother Tommy bought me as a child.
I cherish a symbol from my 50% Irish heritage, the claddagh, which embodies love, loyalty, and friendship.