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A photosynthetic branch or portion of a stem that functions as or resembles a leaf, as the pad of a prickly-pear cactus. Also called cladophyll.

[New Latin cladōdium, from Late Greek kladōdēs, many-branched, from Greek klados, branch.]
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(Botany) botany a flattened stem resembling and functioning as a leaf, as in butcher's-broom. Also called: cladophyll or phylloclade
[C19: from New Latin cladōdium, from Late Greek kladōdēs having many shoots]
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(ˈklæd ə fɪl, ˈkleɪ də-)

a leaflike flattened branch that resembles and functions as a leaf. Also called cladode.
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Noun1.cladode - a flattened stem resembling and functioning as a leafcladode - a flattened stem resembling and functioning as a leaf
stalk, stem - a slender or elongated structure that supports a plant or fungus or a plant part or plant organ
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The variables plant height (PH--m); length (CL--cm), width (CW--cm) and thickness (CT--mm) of cladode; number of cladodes (NC); total area of cladodes (TAC--c[m.sup.2]); cladode area (CA--c[m.sup.2]) and cladode green mass yield (Y--Mg [ha.sup.-1]) were evaluated in the third production cycle, at 930 days after planting.
Host material was introduced in the form of an Opuntia cladode containing 35 Cactoblastis cactorum larvae (instars 2 and 3).
ficus-indica cladode and fruit extracts), that is, a net blood glucose decrease when the mixture was given before OGTT, suggesting that Opuntia spp.
Cladode samples of four local Cactus Pear varieties, namely: Kille, Limo, Wadwada and Magalla, which were widely distributed, frequently used as feed and more palatable to most of the livestock were taken as sample varieties purposively for nutrient analysis.
To compare the inhibitory activity present in the cladode, a series of inhibitory assays were performed using synthetic substrates as mentioned above.
Kerbadj, malgre sa morphologie chetive, reste un bon [beaucoup moins que] encaisseur [beaucoup plus grand que], surtout quand il se fait ventiler par les [beaucoup moins que] experimentes [beaucoup plus grand que] de cette manœuvre qui ont resiste a tous les coups de cladode de cactus.
In contrast cultivated species of Opuntia produce flushes of flowers in autumn after the manual removing of floral or cladode buds during spring.
Effect of growing medium, shade level and fertilizer rate on cladode color, yield and vase life of Ruscus hypophyllum.
Anti-diabetic effects of polysaccharides from Opuntia megacantha cladode in normal and streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats.
ideally, we would find a white cladode, dry and badly damaged, at the site where the plant was recorded the previous year.
In the first method, the picker grabs the ripe tuna and detaches it from the cactus pad by twisting it off gently, taking care not to damage the connection point to the cladode. In the second method, the picker holds the fruit, bends it slightly at the connection point, and then slides a knife through the connection.