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a cladogram of the hominoids, showing that chimpanzees and gorillas are more closely rleated to humans than are orangutans and gibbons


 (klăd′ə-grăm′, klā′də-)
A branching, treelike diagram in which the endpoints of the branches represent individual species of organisms. It is used to illustrate phylogenetic relationships and to show points at which various species are presumed to have diverged from common ancestral forms.

[Greek klados, branch + -gram.]


(Biology) biology a treelike diagram illustrating the development of a clade. See clade
[C20: from clade + -o- + -gram]


(ˈklæd əˌgræm, ˈkleɪ də-)

a branching diagram depicting, in the order in which new features evolved, the successive points of divergence of clades from their common ancestors.
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Noun1.cladogram - a tree diagram used to illustrate phylogenetic relationships
tree diagram, tree - a figure that branches from a single root; "genealogical tree"
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The vicariance area cladogram reveals the relative timing that barriers formed between areas: areas closer together on the tree were more recently separated from each other than from areas farther away (Rode & Lieberman 2005).
Such an analysis would yield a cladogram,"branch-diagram," showing where, how, and the degree to which different witnesses are close or far from each other in their variants.
The backbone of the cladogram is more similar to the rbcL cladogram of Richardson et al.
Three new species of Vermipardus Stuckenberg, and a revised cladogram for the genus with novel biogeographical implications (Diptera: Vermileonidae).
Tumarkin-Deratzian also points out that "confusion over what a cladogram is and is not lies at the heart of the most common critiques of evolutionary portrayals of bird origins.
The family tree, or cladogram, below shows the branches of primates, the order of mammals that includes humans, monkeys, apes, and lemurs.
A cladogram for the Australian species based on comparative morphology will be presented elsewhere (Harms & Harvey, in press).
It also has a cladogram so you can see where ancestors came from.
The cladogram that resulted from our analysis of the European isolates is in agreement with those previously published.
The dimension of time is not quantified, but a cladogram (e.