clam diggers

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clam dig·gers

or clam·dig·gers (klăm′dĭg′ərz)
Casual pants in a midcalf length.
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(9) In the rural areas that constitute the vast majority of Alaska, the court has held that the continuity requirement may be met when the use is seasonal, (10) and the exclusivity requirement may be met even though the adverse possessor allowed clamdiggers to use the property.
Scots dominated the fledgling American Soccer League in the 1920s, the country's first professional set-up, with teams such as Bethlehem Steel, Providence Clamdiggers and Bricklayers and Masons FC to the fore.
Only a relatively small corps of Florida clamdiggers knew their way around an uncanned clam until our farming industry, centered at Cedar Key on the Gulf Coast, began to gather steam some 20 years ago.
The meadow is named for a couple who operated a small resort there - popular with fishermen, hunters and clamdiggers - in the 1930s.
(7) This is how it became possible for overalls, clamdiggers, clogs, and other apparel suitable for growing vegetables in the Victory Gardens to find a place in the fashion shows, which sought to glamorize everyday activities.
Though he ably reveals the emotional hunger beneath Larry's goofy appearance, with his basin cut, clamdiggers and gormless expressions, the writing is too glib to resonate in any serious way.
Former Yankee manager Billy Martin tested the rule early in the 1976 season when the White Sox visited Yankee Stadium wearing their new uniforms complete with navy blue pants and jerseys, clamdiggers, white hats, white lettering, and white undershirts.
4 Buckle up with these cool clamdiggers (every girl should have a pair), pounds 45, Morgan (0800-731 4942).
His suitcase included: two bottles white wine, good luck charm, 300 cigarettes, 11 packets of chewing gum, two cardigans; six pairs of clamdiggers, 11 pairs underpants, four chocolate bars, Viz magazine.
Girly girls will find a selection of pretty 'prom queen' looks all floral and gingham fabrics at Adams and there's lots of denim too in the shape of clamdiggers and bootlegs trimmed with ruffles and lace.
In 1902, Henry (35-20) was in the outlaw Independent California League with the pennant-winning Oakland Clamdiggers (108 wins).
Shorts are suitable for women of all ages, available in styles ranging from conservative knee-length clamdiggers to short-shorts that leave little to the imagination.