adj.1.same as clamorous.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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When he walked down the hill from his tenement in Drumchapel, Glasgow, he could see the funnels of the QE2 rising from the Clyde and behind the yard gates lay a contained, clamourous other place.
Before his finale, he brought a clamourous crowd round the stage for a rendition of Celebration, joking that he had probably won the Eurovision Song Contest in1968 with the hit.
Before his finale, he brought a clamourous crowd round the stage for a rendition of 'Celebration' joking that he had 'probably won' Eurovision 1968 with the hit.
In the large porcelain installation work Along the River, however, innocent bodies, coerced by a clamourous secular world, become alienated and distorted.
One-eyed, all knowing and draped in his cloak and hood, Woden strode effortlessly across the land when the weather was fine - but when it was stormy he careered across the dark sky at the head of a clamourous wild hunt.
Tears sprang to her eyes, blotting him out, and with them she sprang forth into a pathless darkness, conscious far away behind her, soon to be obliterated on the unknown shores opening ahead, but there gladly in hand, of a debt, signed and to be honoured even against her will, by life, surprised once more at this darkest moment, smiling at her secretly behind all she could gather of opposing reason and clamourous protests of unworthiness.
The composer Adam Cork's soundscape ensures that the play satisfies aurally, as well, sea shanties lending a clamourous texture to a play whose occasional crudenesses are inseparable from its lasting import.
on board when the anchor was weighd; they took their leaves tenderly enough, not without plenty of tears tho entirely without that clamourous weeping made use of by the other Indians, several boats of whoom were about the ship shouting their lamentations, as vyeing with each other not who should cry most but who should cry loudest--a custom we had often condemnd in conversation with our particular freinds as savouring more of affected than real greif.
"The loud voice, the hard squeeze by the hand, the instant assent or dissent, the clamourous joy, the bitter wailing, the ardent friendship, the deadly enmity ...
'So much contemporary type design seems to be irrelevant, trivial, fatuous, flippant, clamourous, straining for effect and novelty, illegible, gimmicky, quirky and worthless.' [Wallis 1994]
This is the view, held by a small but increasingly clamourous minority, that we are in danger of making the same mistake over brutalist architecture that we did over the Victorian architecture it replaced.
I gave this dialogue for what it is worth: it was conducted with about twenty clamourous and not altogether friendly monks through an Urdu speaking interpreter.