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Kept or done in secret, often to conceal an illicit or improper purpose. See Synonyms at secret.

[Latin clandestīnus, probably blend of *clam-de, secretly (from clam; see kel- in Indo-European roots) and intestīnus, internal; see intestine.]

clan·des′tine·ly adv.
clan·des′tine·ness, clan′des·tin′i·ty n.
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The habit, practice, or policy of keeping secrets:
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clandestineness and concealment, of secrecy and sequestration, which in
Ironically as with the charter boats on the river, with the boats I get the same feeling of 'clandestineness' which will at times naturally apply regarding good fishing grounds, especially if it's hard with fish difficult to come by.
This clandestineness is especially seen in "( Spider-Man: Homecoming ," a film in which ( Tom Holland plays the web slinging superhero.