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 (klăng′ər, klăng′gər)
1. A clang or repeated clanging.
2. A loud racket; a din.
intr.v. clan·gored, clan·gor·ing, clan·gors
To make a clangor.

[Latin, from clangere, to clang.]

clan′gor·ous adj.
clan′gor·ous·ly adv.
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Adj.1.clangorous - having a loud resonant metallic sound; "the clangorous locomotive works"; "a clanging gong"
noisy - full of or characterized by loud and nonmusical sounds; "a noisy cafeteria"; "a small noisy dog"
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[ˈklæŋgərəs] ADJestrepitoso, estruendoso
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adj (liter)hallend
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References in classic literature ?
The air was full of sound, a deafening and confusing con- flict of noises--the clangorous din of the Martians, the crash of falling houses, the thud of trees, fences, sheds flashing into flame, and the crackling and roaring of fire.
No sooner had these syllables passed my lips, than--as if a shield of brass had indeed, at the moment, fallen heavily upon a floor of silver--I became aware of a distinct, hollow, metallic, and clangorous, yet apparently muffled reverberation.
The motor-cars that went by northward and southward grew more and more powerful and efficient, whizzed faster and smelt worse, there appeared great clangorous petrol trolleys delivering coal and parcels in the place of vanishing horse-vans, motor-omnibuses ousted the horse-omnibuses, even the Kentish strawberries going Londonward in the night took to machinery and clattered instead of creaking, and became affected in flavour by progress and petrol.
Reports said the explosion occurred around 1.30p.m, following a clangorous noise that has made residents living close to the facility scamper for safety.
16, 2017, along with the killing of other youngsters at about the same time, provided a jolt that soon morphed into clangorous protest.
Some 600 protesters were arrested during a clangorous occupation of a US Senateoffice building in Washington on Thursday, where they decried US President Donald Trump's "zero- tolerance" stance on illegal immigration.
On January 21, CNN, the lead falsetto voice in the clangorous, clamorous "Get Trump" choir, got a double smack down--from two of its own choir members.
Trying to understand the city, Iyer described it as "a place of extremes." Seoul featured a "clangorous mix of order and warmth"; it was "high-tech with a human face," or "Anarchy by the numbers" (which echoed O'Rourke's description of "spontaneous regimentation").
And during the test, the hammering sound of the intact shell was clangorous and perpetual, while that of the damaged shell was depressing and rushing.
Produced by The Black Keys' Dan Auerbach, Hynde's formidable strengths are to the fore, revelling in cosmic trash heaven in the clangorous glory of Chord Lord and the heady Let's Get Lost.
Neither was he by the young Chinese pianist Yuting Guo, who played Liszt's First Concerto with considerable bravura and sparkling passage-work, although a somewhat clangorous opening and occasional hardness of tone elsewhere probably resulted in her being placed third.
Nominally, Klang is the onomatopoetic, literally clangorous German word for "sound." For Stockhausen, Klang became the "mystical voice from the beyond, which accompanies the voice of the conscience--in German, die Stimme des Gewissens." (2) The composer explained to Derks that the pieces, although bearing the sequential subtitles 1.