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A metallic sound, sharp and hard but not resonant: the clank of chains.
intr.v. clanked, clank·ing, clanks
To make a sharp, hard, metallic sound.

[Probably imitative.]

clank′y adj.


adj, clankier or clankiest
informal making clanking sounds
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The decor is a clanky mash up of antlers, exposed bricks and horrible trying-to-be erotic black and white paintings, like Jack Vettriano's except the women have tattoos.
[Reedition: Milan Hodza, Clanky, reci, Studie, IV, Praha: Novina, 1931, pp.
In the early 1980s, video game arcades went through another boom in the United States as clanky pinball machines gave way to video cabinets with digital sound and blasting subwoofers.
The buttons and knobs feel a little too clanky but otherwise work very well.
It was like spotting a young lady standing alone in a corner of a party hall wearing a simple piece of jewellery on her gorgeous neck and a hint of knowing smile playing on her lips amid a crowd of women wearing chunky necklaces and clanky bangles and trying to gain the eyeballs.
The mixing might be a little bit clanky but the spirit and the heartbeat of what I'll be playing will be what people recognise and love."
"The Government is looking at the IR35 with a view to overhaul a system that has been proven to be clanky and burdensome.
Co se obsahu tohoto cisla tyce, tak hned na uvod se muzete seznamit se dvema clanky venujicimi se Africe.
But I've got a really cool Land Rover Camel Trophy edition with a noisy and clanky TDI diesel engine.
His indelible Southern drawl leads a sonic brigade of crunchy guitars and clanky, trashcan drums that erupts into the anthematic chorus, "I got a dream.
Cage's own invention, prepared piano was a standard piano whose strings were rigged with paper, rubber bands, and other materials to produce clanky or buzzy percussive sounds.