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1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of a clan.
2. Inclined to cling together as a group and exclude outsiders.

clan′nish·ly adv.
clan′nish·ness n.
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Adv.1.clannishly - in a clannish manner; "these four friends always act clannishly, and don't let us participate in their activities"
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He's not my boy anymore--he belongs to the whole world now." Hearing in Jakie's singing "the cry in his voice," the echo of Cantor Rabinowitz--"Just like his Papa"--Sara here gives Jakie leave to read the "cry of his race"--what had initially seemed to him, to Mary, and indeed to the audience as clannishly inimical to his American success--as precisely the warrant for cosmopolitan Jazz singing and Americanization.
Do Luzonians clannishly follow the examples of their OFW-townmates, and then recommend their townmates for jobs when they become OFWs themselves?
If we believed half of the things our admirers and critics say about us--that we control world markets, that we have all the Nobel laureates, that we clannishly stick together to protect our interests--it would certainly create room for arrogance.