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Todos los disolventes utilizados se adquirieron de grado CLAR (Merck[R] KGaA de Alemania) y el agua ultrapura obtenida de un sistema Milli-Q (Millipore[R], Bedford, MA, EE.
CLAR officials said in a statement June 11 they regretted the publication of the pope's supposed remarks to their group.
Como un sistema de reconocimiento y desarrollo de la calidad del trabajo academico, CLAR busca:
El objetivo primordial de este trabajo es explorar posibles metodologias por CLAR para el analisis y determinacion del estabilizador UV, Tinuvin 622, en muestras de polietileno.
This four-year initiative, according to CLAR President Elza Ribeiro, a Brazilian Sister of Providence, aims to help Latin American women religious "step out of anonymity and be recognized for their dignity and the role they play in church and society.
It is based on the CLAR architecture, so will be lighter.
Automotive News Europe has reported that the new Coupe will be produced in Dingolfing alongside other cars using the CLAR architecture.
The model is based on the automaker's new modular CLAR platform.
It will be based on the new CLAR platform, which currently underpins the new 5 and 7 Series.
It will be built on a version of BMW's CLAR architecture that underpins the latest 7 Series.
It is based on BMW's modular CLAR platform and will be available with a choice of a turbocharged four- and six-cylinder engines coupled with an eight-speed automatic transmission, rear-wheel drive and an optional BMW's xDrive all-wheel drive system.
Enthusiast website, BMW Blog, has reported that the next-generation 3 Series will be built on the modular CLAR platform, and it will make more extensive use of lightweight materials such as aluminium.