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To learn more about specific requirements regarding CCAR, CLAR, liquidity stress testing, contingency funding planning, capital planning and capital policies, Basel III compliance, Dodd Frank, Volcker and other industry challenges, or to schedule a Risk Assessment evaluation, contact: John.
CLAR officials said in a statement June 11 they regretted the publication of the pope's supposed remarks to their group.
This four-year initiative, according to CLAR President Elza Ribeiro, a Brazilian Sister of Providence, aims to help Latin American women religious "step out of anonymity and be recognized for their dignity and the role they play in church and society.
We will tell our own stories," Ribeiro said, adding that CLAR will invite some male theologians to participate in the theological analysis.
4 "Auctions scare me, so I just look at Clars Auction Gallery.
SPECIAL PRESS-ONLY PREVIEW: DATE: Wednesday, April 29, 2009 TIME: 1pm to 4pm LOCATION: Clars Auction Gallery - 5644 Telegraph Avenue - Oakland, CA 91104
A Leyland Clars spokesman said today that strike action had been taken without any use of the established pro-cedure for settling disputes-
We are also thrilled to have Accenture, webMethods, CLARS and Architecting-the-Enterprise on board as sponsors.