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Noun1.clarinet section - the section of a band or orchestra that plays clarinets
reed section - the section of a band or orchestra that plays reed instruments
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March lovers can enjoy "A Sousa Celebration" by Noble and Fillmore's "Rolling Thunder." Clarinetists and audience members alike appreciate Grainger's "Handle in the Strand, " and "Molly on the Shore." The Clarinet section is one of the larger sections in the band, so they had a greater percentage of the vote.
His own orchestra is of course the CBSO, where he leads the clarinet section, and he gave a scintillating performance - the finale is marked brillante and here it certainly was.
And with the clarinet section cast in a supportive, yet significant role, the main trumpeter on the night skilfully rose to the occasion.
Falco also acknowledged the meltingly sweet sound of his clarinet section and flutist Julia Trong.