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Any of various annual, chiefly western North American plants of the genus Clarkia, several of which are cultivated for their showy red, purple, pink, or white flowers.

[New Latin Clarkia, genus name, after William Clark.]
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(Plants) any North American onagraceous plant of the genus Clarkia: cultivated for their red, purple, or pink flowers
[C19: New Latin, named after William Clark, who discovered it]
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(ˈklɑr ki ə)

n., pl. clark•i•as.
a W North American wildflower of the genus Clarkia, of the evening primrose family, having narrow leaves and red or purple flowers.
[< New Latin (1814), after William Clark]
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The book's descriptions are both poetic and informative: "a dusky jade shoulder of serpentinite with its mantle of foul soil is home to clarkia and manzanita, two endangered species." They are also sometimes spiritual, as with "So I walk and allow my brain to saunter.
The event featured more than 100 flowering plants of local and imported species, including Zenia, Patunia, Snap Dragon, Clarkia, Fareezia and Geranium.
Clarkia, delphinium, iris, and Oriental poppies will soon wilt, so choose varieties that flower all summer, such as agastache, coreopsis, gaillardia, marigold, rudbeckia, and many types of salvia.
Above, bees visit wildflowers in a hedgerow: a honey bee on elegant clarkia (Clarkia unguiculata) and a bumble bee on California phacelia (Phacelia californica).
Clarkia, or godetia, is an easy-to-grow annual with silky petals in pinks, lavenders and pale purples.
Clarkia, or godetia, is an easy-togrow annual with silky petals in pinks, lavenders and pale purples.
From a packet of seed cut-and-come again crops such as Clarkia Pulchella, Calendula Art shades and Nigella Damascena Albion Black Pod are amazing value for money.
clarkia effects on trophic-level productivity by providing a quantitative measure of biomass.
This study and a previous study also agreed with the findings of Morgan and McMahon [21], which were obtained from Procambarus clarkia and Orconectes rusticus during acid exposure experimentation and has been investigated in Australian crayfish Cherax destructer [29].