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Noun1.class Phaeophyceae - brown algae; mostly marine and littoral eukaryotic algae
division Phaeophyta, Phaeophyta - coextensive with class Phaeophyceae; in some classifications subsumed in the division Heterokontophyta
brown algae - algae having the chlorophyll masked by brown and yellow pigments
Laminariales, order Laminariales - in some classifications coextensive with family Laminariaceae: marine brown algae of cold or polar seas
Fucales, order Fucales - coextensive with the family Fucaceae
class - (biology) a taxonomic group containing one or more orders
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Results Kingdom Chromista Phylum Ochrophyta Class Phaeophyceae Order Ralfsiales Family Ralfsiceae Analipus japonicus (Harvey) Wynne--sea fir Previous reported range.--Japan (Okamura 1936) north to Alaska, south to Point Conception, CA (Abbot and Hollenberg 1976).
Previous laboratory and field studies have demonstrated that some species of brown algae (Ochrophyta, class Phaeophyceae) exhibit considerable variability in breaking force, cross-sectional area, and material strength in response to differing exposure conditions (Charters et al., 1969; Armstrong, 1987; McEacheron and Thomas, 1987; Gerard, 1987; Koehl and Alberte, 1988; Kraemer and Chapman, 1991a; Johnson and Koehl, 1994; Milligan and DeWreede, 2000).
W DIVISION OCHROPHYTA Class Phaeophyceae Order Dictyotales Family Dictyotaceae Dictyota dichotoma (Hudson) Lamouroux E&W Diciyoia sp.