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Plural of classis.
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Some local government units have suspended classes on Friday, August 2, due to heavy rain in select parts of the country brought by the southwest monsoon or 'habagat' and the trough of a low-pressure area.
The refinancing notes also generally have the same terms as the previously outstanding classes except that the stated coupons have changed:
New classes this year included pedigree cattle, non-MV Suffolk sheep and a new flock competition, attracting entries from across the North East and Scottish Borders.
My classes allow students to dance vigorously and become neither spent nor worn out but, rather, invigorated.
The results of the study showed that online classes generated more interaction and discussion than traditional face-to-face classes and upper level classes produced more discussion and interaction than lower level classes.
But, when he started classes at the community college in the fall, Alex was told that he would have to take developmental math and English classes.
And third, we need to unpack languages of class as markers of difference or as distinct social classes rather than class fractions: how do those imagining themselves as a 'respectable' labor aristocracy differ from other workers, what does it mean to say white collar professional-managerial workers hold 'middle-class values?
The initial course enrollment had been 20, and I received two e mails from students who attended the two classes in the first week explaining that they could not participate because of timetabling issues.
Turn on the TV and the fitness channel has a variety of yoga classes and styles to choose from.
A comparison of the results of senior year Turkish students with undergraduate students made up of sophomores, juniors, and seniors at the University of Mississippi, may be found in Figure 1, and a comparison of two classes, one of freshmen and the other of sophomores at Dokuz Eylul University with a first year graduate class of students at the University of Mississippi, may be found in Figure 2.
Class 1 - Mr G Ridgwick; Class 2 - Mr M Drewery; Class 3 - Mrs M Wood; Class 4 - Mr F Drew; Class 5 - Mr F Dixon; Class 6 - Mr F Drew; Classes 7, 8 and 9 - Mr F Dixon; Class 11 - Mr G Ridgwick; Class 13 - Mr D Leadbeater; Class 14 - Mr F Dixon; Class 16 - Mr M Sierant; Class 17 - Mr F Drew; Classes 18 and 19 - Miss C Macmillan; Class 20 - Mrs S Hinchliffe; Class 21 - Mrs S Garside; Class 22 - Ms C Sisson; Class 23 - Mrs M Collinson; Class 24 - Mr S Dyson; Class 25 - Mrs B Todd; Class 26 - Mr K Collinson; Class 27 - Mrs R Wilton; Class 28 - Mr K Collinson; Class 29 - Ms C Schofield; Class 30 - Mrs A Holmes; Class 31 - Miss C Macmillan; Class 32 - Mrs S Bowman and Mrs S Hinchliffe; Class 33 - Mrs S Bowman; Class 34 - Mrs M Wood; Classes 35 and 36 - Ms M Brown; Class 37 - Miss C Macmillan
Classes began in May and are running through October.