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Noun1.classical ballet - a style of ballet based on precise conventional steps performed with graceful and flowing movements
ballet, concert dance - a theatrical representation of a story that is performed to music by trained dancers
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Giselle is a masterwork in the classical ballet performance canon.
Muscat: From the first performance of La Bayadere (The Temple Dancer) in 1887, the ballet was hailed as another supreme masterpiece by the brilliant choreographer, Marius Petipa, one of the most influential figures in classical ballet. Styled after Petipa, with the original music of Ludwig Minkus, Natalia Makarova's 1980 production of La Bayadere for American Ballet Theatre won a permanent place in the Western repertoire.
The music of 19th century Austrian composer and virtuoso violinist, Ludwig Minkus is among the most performed in all of ballet and is an integral part of the traditional classical ballet repertory, as is the choreography of Marius Petipa.
To celebrate this fact and the life of legendary Bolshoi soloist and choreographer Stanislav Vlasov, an evening of classical ballet performances will be held at the Pattihio theatre in Limassol on Friday.
BalletWest will deliver a programme featuring classical ballet as well as newlychoreographed work by the award-winning Natasha Watson.
A total of 486 injuries were evaluated, a significant number of which were overuse disorders (p < 0.0001), especially in the most technically demanding discipline of classical ballet (82.60%).
From classical ballet to flamenco, the second Worcester County Dance Festival at 7 p.m.
Washington, Aug 17 ( ANI ): Wimbledon Champion Marion Bartoli has expressed her desire to go back to one of her childhood passions of classical ballet, now that she will no longer play tennis.
CLASSES IN CLASSICAL BALLET has long been a classic out of print, so its reappearance after thirty years makes it a 'must' acquisition for any serious dance or ballet collection.
CLASSICAL ballet takes centre stage in Leamington this week when the Vienna Festival Ballet Company performs Swan Lake.
Ellen Kent, who spent last year reshaping the Russian Classical Ballet Theatre, naturally has a vodka moment to share from her travels.
Independent Ballet Wales, formerly Cwmni Ballet Gwent, bring this classic folk tale to life, effortlessly mixing explosive dance and classical ballet with original choreography from Darius James, the company's artistic director.

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