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1. One versed in the classics; a classical scholar.
2. An adherent of classicism.
3. An advocate of the study of ancient Greek and Latin.
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(ˈklæsɪsɪst) or


a. a student of ancient Latin and Greek
b. a person who advocates the study of ancient Latin and Greek
2. an adherent of classicism in literature or art
ˌclassiˈcistic adj
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(ˈklæs ə sɪst)

also clas•si•cal•ist

(-ɪ kə lɪst)

1. an adherent of classicism in literature or art.
2. an authority on the classics; a classical scholar.
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Noun1.classicist - an artistic person who adheres to classicism
artist, creative person - a person whose creative work shows sensitivity and imagination
romantic, romanticist - an artist of the Romantic Movement or someone influenced by Romanticism
2.classicist - a student of ancient Greek and Latin
humanist - a classical scholar or student of the liberal arts
Latinist - a specialist in the Latin language
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[ˈklæsɪsɪst] Nclasicista mf
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[ˈklæsɪsɪst] n
(Greek, Latin) (= student) → étudiant(e) m/f en lettres classiques (= scholar) → humaniste mf
(in architecture, art)partisan(e) m/f du classicisme
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nAltphilologe m/-philologin f
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We need a massive police operation of random stop and search and extra detention facilities for those caught with knives Ann Widdecombe called Loyal Opposition The crown's so-called Loyal Opposition is being utterly transformed as it swerves so far to the anti-British hard-Left as to become indistinguishable from the British Communist Party Writer Frederick Forsyth If you aren't a bit resilient at my then give up, darling Classicist Mary Beard Oh, don't believe all that crap The Prince of Wales when asked on radio if he took his own lavatory seat with him on foreign trips
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