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Bias based on social or economic class.

class′ist adj. & n.
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[ˈklɑːsɪst] ADJclasista
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Well-acted, the production also reflects attention to detail evident in unspoken exchanges between characters that reveal almost as much as the dialogue, which is peppered with sexist, racist and classist references to women and indigenous people from developing nations.
In fact, I would go so far as to say he's racist, not to leave out classist, homophobic and a misogynist.
Synopsis: "For Dear Life: Women's Decriminalization and Human Rights in Focus" chronicles feminist and artist Carol Jacobsen's deep commitment to the causes of justice and human rights, and focuses a critical lens on an American criminal-legal regime that imparts racist, gendered, and classist modes of punishment to women lawbreakers.
More club than gang, as the term is used today, the Chasers were twelve adolescent males searching for identity in a racist and classist time.
There is also a classist tinge to Shah's treatment in media and public conscious as well.
And as the film skewers Javed Sheikh's blind hatred of the poor and allegiance to the rich and exposes the folly of his classist ways, the deserving 'poor' score another victory over the degenerate rich.
The result of HB 1264 is an increasingly classist system designed to create a stratified voting system and exclude diverse voices.
Either they're artificial, classist, sugarcoated or just trying to be cool.
They're racist, classist bigots who NEED & DESERVE our righteous opposition." Two weeks earlier, Sims filmed himself harassing a mother and three teenagers protesting outside the same clinic, offering $100 to anyone willing to dox them.
It stays in your mind.And, like (most) responsible comedy, it punches up, not down: it doesn't take some lazy, classist potshot at the beleaguered peon it's the boss that's being skewered here.
I'm not saying the Baptists are bad people because I try not to be bigoted or classist. So I'll just say they run things in Water Valley.