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Bias based on social or economic class.

class′ist adj. & n.


[ˈklɑːsɪst] ADJclasista
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Playing himself, Karan Johar did vie to do the same for Welcome to New York: the evil alter-ego, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai as means of torture, the classist, obnoxious aura.
Although two men of different socioeconomic statuses may pray and perform pilgrimage beside each other on equal footing with only levels of faith separating them, the classist system is woven into the permanent social fabric of our culture.
In the email to the Guild, the complainant was quoted as writing: "The 'chav' theme is so blatantly classist and distasteful it's difficult to know even know where to begin.
This blatantly classist and anti-poor Tweet by the Youth Congress shows their mindset towards India's poor.
At a time in America's history when the administration is anti-immigrant, racist, misogynist, ableist, Christianist, classist, homophobic, and transphobic; the Gaea Goddess Gathering sees transgender women as women.
The character Zeid, Blackmon writes,"cannot stand the tight restrictions on social interactions" put in place by Hamas authorities, yet is also himself a carrier of his elders' prejudices, "mimicking his father's classist disgust for refugees from other villages in Gaza.
Having been raised in Italy in a very classist society, I came to realise that not being fully Italian in ethnicity was only "justifiable" with exceptional financial and/or social status.
Others have said that supporting a constitutional monarchy in Britain only serves to cast the country in a classist, antiquated light, a sentiment echoed in an Economist (http://www.
Last spring, at least 50 North Eugene High School teachers, students and administrators argued that the school choice policy is unfair, racist and even classist.
For example, Carmen Rios states that contemporary notions of professional dress are, at their core, racist, classist, sexist, and ableist.
Undermining waiters who work hard for a living; making condescending and derogatory remarks about them is deplorable and classist," Vadra, who received an ED notice in a land deal, wrote in his Facebook post .
And the powerful, time-traveling Ironwood family still adheres to antiquated and classist views of station and bloodlines, despite their extraordinary ability to visit more modern, egalitarian times.