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v. clat·tered, clat·ter·ing, clat·ters
1. To make a rattling sound.
2. To move with a rattling sound: clattering along on roller skates.
3. To talk rapidly and noisily; chatter.
To cause to make a rattling sound.
1. A rattling sound: the clatter of dishes in the kitchen.
2. A loud disturbance; a racket: the clatter of the subway train.
3. Noisy talk; chatter.

[Middle English clateren, from Old English *clatrian; see gal- in Indo-European roots.]

clat′ter·er n.
clat′ter·y adj.
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Have a nibble of the 22/1 (Paddy Power) that habitual clatterer Steven Gerrard is finally given his marching orders.
Echoing the Surahs of "The Clatterer" (Laredj 2002, 101) and "The Quake" (99), the old man Ghulam Allah defiantly recites in the face of his young Algerian inquisitors:
Not only does Mirk use Mary's silence to explain her absence, but he uses it also to admonish garrulous women, writing that a maiden who is a complainer, clatterer, jangler, curser, swearer, or scold is of little worth.