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1. Grammar A group of words containing a subject and a predicate and forming part of a compound or complex sentence.
2. A distinct article, stipulation, or provision in a document.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Medieval Latin clausa, close of a rhetorical period, from feminine of Latin clausus, past participle of claudere, to close.]

claus′al (klô′zəl) adj.
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Adj.1.clausal - of or relating to or functioning as a clause; "clausal structure"
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Among the topics are the vernacular practice of naming the liturgical year, comparing the versions of the Old English Gospels in a semantic and syntactic study of periphrastic "model verb + infinitive" construction, metrical influences on constructions with complex predicates in Old English hypermetric verse, the pronoun it and the dating of Middle English texts, and changes in the clausal complement of the copulative perception verbs in American English.
Clausal units: most of back channels occur at clausal units, partly, because at the end of syntactic units, the semantic content is almost complete, so the listener wants to show his/her understanding or perception of these bits of information with producing back channel signals.
The reason for (39) must lie in a process prohibiting the wh-expression from probing into discourse, forcing it to probe counter-directionally; in other words, inwards, into the clausal set that contains the wh-expression.
And because the order of the clausal constituents is reversed, the two clauses are syntactically interdependent, with the authenticator simultaneously serving as the apodosis of the conditional phrase.
Finally, it is demonstrated that the grammaticalization of clausal complement introduced by se in Portuguese is not attested diachronically from Archaic to Contemporary Portuguese, because this grammaticalization process has been attested to occur in more remote time, particularly in 14th century texts.
Based on empirical data from Dutch and German, novel treatments are proposed for both types of clausal coordinate ellipsis.
Las definiciones anteriores son duales a las de clausula y forma clausal del calculo de resolucion estandar.
The experiment concludes that the degree of accuracy in learners' use of parallelism does indirectly reflect proficiency and that parallelism categories are ranked in ascending order of difficulty as follows: verb phrases, adverbs, noun phrases, adjectives, correlative conjunctions, clausal, and comparative structures.
Segmented into clausal units (see Bracewell and Breuleux 1994; and Winograd 1983, Appendix B)
First, it requires that formulas be translated into clausal form, a task which may, in the worst case, also require exponential time and space.
Reportedly, under the agreements between SSH and Clausal Computing Ltd, reported in the Annual Report 2015 (related party transactions), SSH will pay to Clausal Computing Ltd EUR462.