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1. Of or relating to a method of establishing a new colony, found in certain social insects, in which a queen (in ants) or a queen and king pair (in termites) sequesters itself in a small chamber and hatches the first generation of workers, nourishing them primarily on stored body fat.
2. Of or relating to a claustrum, especially of the brain.
3. Variant of cloistral.

[Latin claustrum, bar, barrier, enclosed place; see cloister + -al.]


(Ecclesiastical Terms) a less common variant of cloistral


(ˈklɔ strəl)

cloistral; cloisterlike.
[1400–50; late Middle English < Late Latin claustrālis=claustr(um) bolt, barrier (claud(ere) to close, shut + -trum instrumental suffix) + -ālis -al1]
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in my erc project, I will explore the mechanisms underlying claustral mediation of resilience to distraction and develop novel approaches for assessing and modulating attention in mice, With implications for humans.
CLAUSTRAL A Disabled B Secluded C Composed of fragments who am I?
Aqui, de alguna manera, el espacio de la Plaza se potencio al convertirse en la contrapartida perfecta del espacio claustral y cerrado de los templos catolicos, constituyendose en una simbiosis que podriamos denominar el altar y la caverna.
A claustral chronicle of Louis's protracted death in August 1715, Serra's masterpiece (which opens in US theaters this month) contrasts the sumptuousness of the court-- enveloped in lace and brocade, the sovereign sports a proliferating peruke of ringlets and frizz that seems to encroach on his cranium as he withers--with his sickly limb, rapidly blackening from gangrene.
El triunfo de la faccion claustral y el abandono de la ermita de San Sebastian en 1607 no resolvieron empero las divisiones dentro de la provincia.
Entre los varios problemas de El apando, el de El Carajo y su madre es un problema claustral, de claustro materno.
Yes, the amnesic phase has passed, left behind in claustral tropes of assimilation.
Se determino la composicion mineralogica cualitativa de las muestras mediante difraccion de rayos X (DRX) en la Universidad Tecnica de Claustral (TUC), Alemania, empleando un difractometro aleman tipo HZG--4 con radiacion de CoK[alfa] y velocidad del goniometro de 2[grados]/min
22) To add to this claustral atmosphere, the poet never refers to any figure here simply as "ombra" or "anima" as is his custom, but instead calls them "frati.
Caterina quedo bajo la autoridad de Bonaventura d'Amelia, un franciscano claustral, cuya muerte significo que Mascardi retomase la direccion, esta vez compartida con monsenor Ambrogio Spinola, obispo de la ciudad.
Further chapters concentrate on the post-Reformation monuments; the College and Deanery; the claustral ranges, and the riverbanks.
This possibility seems a bit unlikely, but monogyne queens may be able to disperse long distances (20-30 km) on wind currents after mating 50 to 100 m in the air (Vinson & Greenberg 1986), and the polygyne social form may have spread via island-to-island transport of infested nursery stock or other commercial products in contact with soil; alate polygnye queens are rather feeble and do not easily found independent claustral colonies (Preston et al.