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1. Of or relating to a method of establishing a new colony, found in certain social insects, in which a queen (in ants) or a queen and king pair (in termites) sequesters itself in a small chamber and hatches the first generation of workers, nourishing them primarily on stored body fat.
2. Of or relating to a claustrum, especially of the brain.
3. Variant of cloistral.

[Latin claustrum, bar, barrier, enclosed place; see cloister + -al.]
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(Ecclesiastical Terms) a less common variant of cloistral
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(ˈklɔ strəl)

cloistral; cloisterlike.
[1400–50; late Middle English < Late Latin claustrālis=claustr(um) bolt, barrier (claud(ere) to close, shut + -trum instrumental suffix) + -ālis -al1]
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The gothic gusto for the past exemplified in haunted castles and misplaced inheritances here partakes of what Arac calls "a shared claustral imagination" (41), one that serves to produce a modern type of angst-ridden character depth.
Zweig's novella shares the claustral closeness of Isaac Dinesen's Deluge at Nordenay, a Chinese box of a novella set in mid-nineteenth century Denmark.
Did he fight through those narrowing, claustral narrative tunnels, because he knew on the other side there was something clear, simple, a big, airy, light-filled room with a few indecipherable objects?
The body on the white slab remained in its claustral peace, ignominiously still as the pathologist in his salmon-coloured rubber gloves wielded his little silver scalpel and talked to the students.