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An abnormal fear of being in narrow or enclosed spaces.

[Latin claustrum, enclosed place; see cloister + -phobia.]

claus′tro·phobe′ n.
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Noun1.claustrophobe - a person suffering from claustrophobia
mental case, neurotic, psychoneurotic - a person suffering from neurosis
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Louis, who is said to be a claustrophobe and suffers from asthma, was alleged to have been transported handcuffed to another detention centre in an eight-seater truck compartment with about 30 other detainees.
You don't need to be a fully blown claustrophobe to relate to the inner panic when caught within a small space and unable to escape.
D'un cote, les accusations de uchawi expriment le sentiment claustrophobe des relations etouffantes; de l'autre, elles forcent l'accuse a adherer a une moralite partagee de rapports egalitaires et revele le sentiment que l'accuse merite qu'on le scrute, indiquant que les autres attachent une importance particuliere aux rapports avec cet individu.
After all, this was a Well side who have looked as nervous on their travels as a claustrophobe with a fear of heights stepping on to an aeroplane.
(and I'm a horrible claustrophobe!) I like it right here under this
Rester lire des articles de doctrines dans un bureau enferme, rendant presque toute personne claustrophobe de cet enfermement psychologique ou se lever et simplement aller regarder si le soleil brille ailleurs?
"Mia chose the attic of her country house, a place she should have realized I'd never go to because it is a tiny, cramped, enclosed spot where one can hardly stand up and I'm a major claustrophobe," he added.