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There is a groove upon its surface showing that a great tendon played across it, which could not be the case with a clavicle."
The clavicle, also known as collar bone, connects upper limb to trunk and hence, it plays an important role in providing mobility and stability of upper limb.
Clavicle is the bone that forms anterior border of shoulder arch.
Frost said: "My X-ray results have shown that I've fractured my clavicle. My body's response from that fracture makes me positive for when I go back for my assessment in a fortnight's time."
Frost said: "Yesterday I went to see an extremely good specialist in Cardiff, where my x-ray results have shown that I've fractured my clavicle. I suffered a fracture previously, which healed well.
* Generate a novel XSITRAY database, which comprises of 78 Spine, Femur, Clavicle, Extremity & Ankle, Extremity & Hand and Knee bones X-Ray scan images.
The win against the Lions, however, came at a cost as running back Malcolm Brown suffered an injury in his clavicle area, which McVay confirmed required a procedure to rectify.
* The clavicle (collarbone) is a long, thin bone that begins at the base of the neck and continues to the shoulder.
The specimens were chosen without a history of clavicle fracture or prior surgery on the clavicle or shoulder.
yesterday morning, a 27-year-old man surnamed Lee was bench pressing a heavy weight without a spotter at a gym in Taichung's Xitun District when his arms suddenly gave way and the barbell fell right on top of his neck near his clavicle. Others in the gym who saw the accident, lifted the barbell off of him and found that he was not breathing and did not have a pulse.
Introduction: Fracture of the clavicle is common in occurrence with incidence of approximately 5% of all fractures seen in hospital emergency.