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1. Either of two slender bones in humans that extend from the manubrium of the sternum to the acromion of the scapula. Also called collarbone.
2. One of the bones of the pectoral girdle in many vertebrates.

[New Latin clāvīcula, from Latin, diminutive of clāvis, key (from its shape).]

cla·vic′u·lar (klə-vĭk′yə-lər) adj.
cla·vic′u·late′ (-lāt′) adj.
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a. clavicular, rel. a las clavículas.
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Modern studies on primary plate fixation of acute midshaft clavicular fractures have described high rates of successful results with rates of union ranging from 94% to 100% and low rates of infection and surgical complications: a recent meta-analysis of plate fixation for 460 displaced fractures revealed a non-union rate of only 2.2%.
The understanding of the process of clavicular ossification is essential for an appropriate management of injuries around the SCJ in skeletally immature patients.
The electrodes were positioned on the pectoralis major, clavicular part (CP) and sternocostal part (SP), triceps brachii (TB), and clavicular (anterior) deltoid (CD) muscles.
In addition, the appearance of rhomboid fossa on inferior clavicular surface could be used to distinguish the males from the females (Jit & Kaur, 1986; Rogers et al., 2000; Prado et al., 2009).
Because of the clinical relevance to clavicular fracture, suprascapular neuropathy and surgical intervention of shoulder, the origin and course of suprascapular artery has been intensively studied.
The theme for her collection is Clavicular Nox and she will be using a lot of three dimensional embroidery techniques to bring more depth to each piece in her collection.
Necropsy was performed, and a large, single nematode was discovered in a cranial air sac over the syrinx, consistent with the intrathoracic portion of the clavicular air sac (Fig 1).
Open reduction and plate fixation versus non-operative treatment for displaced midshaft clavicular fractures: a multicenter, randomized, controlled trial.
A short-axis view of the cricoid was obtained prior to intubation using an ultrasound apparatus equipped with an L12-2 MHz probe (L441, Noblus; Hitachi Aloka Medical Ltd., Tokyo, Japan), which was placed on the neck with the beam advancing vertically to the neck axis and longitudinal surface of the probe parallel to the line connecting both clavicular heads.
Two electrodes Ag/AgCl with a 20-mm inter-electrode distance (Miotrace[R] 100) were placed midline of the Anterior Deltoid (AD): 4.0 cm below the clavicle, parallel to the muscle fibers at an oblique angle to the arm, the Pectoralis Major Clavicular fibers (PMC): 2.0 cm below the anterior border of clavicle along the longitudinal axis that crosses the middle point of the clavicle, and the Pectoralis Major Sternocostal head (PMS): 2.0 cm medial from the axillary fold, parallel to the muscle fibers via a marginal oblique angle with a reference electrode placed close to the right clavicle.
A computed tomography (CT) scan with IV contrast of the chest demonstrated posterior and superior dislocation of the right clavicular head.