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(Biology) another word for clavate
[C19: from Latin clāva club]
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(ˈklæv əˌfɔrm)

club-shaped; clavate.
[1810–20; < Late Latin clāv(a) club + -i- + -form]
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When mature, the ascomata open irregularly to expose the bitunicate, globose to subglobose asci, elliptic to claviform, sessile.
These stridulating setae are currently called claviform (Perez-Miles et al.
During this period, the hair bulbs become wider and larger, the hair roots go up, the claviform hair is formed, and the dermal papillae get in contact with the epithelia.
Dorsal face of all tarsi and cymbium with two irregular longitudinal rows of very short claviform trichobothria.
The species of Senna can be identified morphologically by the absence of bracteoles on the flower pedicel, the presence of claviform to pyramidal convex extrafloralnectaries, and cylindrical or flat-compressed fruit with inert dehiscence.
Foretarsal sensillum t1 is claviform, sensillum t3 is long and lancet-like (Bonet & Tuxen 1960) or finger-like, sensillum b' is present, the base of sensillum d is closer to base of c than to base of e, and the position of sensillum a' is close to the base of t1.
A short Conochitina species with a clear flexure and shoulder, both the slightly claviform chamber as well as the neck are of nearly equal length; the convex base shows a mucron and a concentric ridge; the vesicle wall has a microgranulous surface and the aperture is straight.
Branches firm, spongy, smooth, 4-5 mm in diam., with rounded apices, formed by utricles that are constricted at base and claviform and rounded at apices, 450-1000 [micro]m long and 100-350 [micro]m wide.
Some pieces of portable art have been also found, including a fragment of a small bone plaquette with a series of engraved "claviform" signs that show a clear parallel with the signs of the same type painted in red in the inner gallery of the cave.