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Noun1.claxon - a kind of loud horn formerly used on motor vehiclesclaxon - a kind of loud horn formerly used on motor vehicles
horn - an alarm device that makes a loud warning sound
Verb1.claxon - make a loud noiseclaxon - make a loud noise; "The horns of the taxis blared"
sound, go - make a certain noise or sound; "She went `Mmmmm'"; "The gun went `bang'"
tootle - play (a musical instrument) casually; "the saxophone player was tootling a sad melody"
2.claxon - use the horn of a car
make noise, noise, resound - emit a noise
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Bulaxie died young, but her daughter Claxon, as well as Dust Dancer, is still active at Hesmonds.
Lincoln triumph with Right Wing set up another super Saturday with a Haydock double and a Masaka Stakes 1-2 coming at Kempton with Claxon and Alabaq.
I then walked into the bar area and the claxon announced a stewards'
Claxon (Caerleon-Bulaxie) b f 28/2 Darshaan tif Observatory
PAT EDDERY is on an away day to Ayr with winning chances all afternoon, and he can take the first on Claxon.
Which jockey rode Claxon to victory in last year's Listed Steventon Stakes at Newbury?
News from John Dunlop's Castle Stables in Arundel suggests CLAXON should be sounding in the months to come.
But McIlroy, who had finished three under through 11 on Friday before the claxon sounded, returned on Saturday morning to shoot another five birdies on his remaining seven holes to storm into the lead.
But it was the new-ball bowlers who did the early spadework to set up the win, James Claxon taking 5-58 and Ash Davis 3-46 as Bowdon were bowled out for 188 in 49.
With youngsters taking part in all track and field events, the programme was jam-packed from the minute the first claxon sounded.
He was leading 6-4, and on the brink of Britain's 25th gold medal, when he was caught by Cisse's last-gasp reverse turn and face-kicked right on the claxon.
Adicionalmente, senalo, se deben tomar medidas coadyuvantes para reducir la exposicion a los altos niveles de ruido en el trafico, como escuchar la radio o musica a niveles moderados evitar al maximo el uso del claxon, asi como identificar zonas donde se realicen obras viales ruidosas o en las que haya intenso transito y evadirlas en la medida de lo posible.