clay sculpture

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Noun1.clay sculpture - sculpture produced by moldingclay sculpture - sculpture produced by molding  
sculpture - a three-dimensional work of plastic art
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Incorporating organic textures and shapes, students can make these by using the basic pinch-pot method used in making their clay sculpture, or they can try an alternative method.
After studying his designs, my students have been excited to make Gehry-inspired slab houses, corrugated cardboard pieces of furniture and abstract pieces of clay sculpture.
I wanted to find a theme for clay sculpture which had a wide variety of shapes, colors and textures.
Techniques of Sculpture is the ideal DVD for anyone teaching a college or university class in clay sculpture, or for any high school educator with advanced students.
* create a clay sculpture in three sections combining previously learned methods with new techniques.
This piqued the students' curiosity and primed them for my introduction into the plasticine clay sculpture, and research of a profession, which would follow.
One can see how accidents or findings with glass have influenced her clay sculpture, especially the surface treatment.
After presenting a clay sculpture she had created of her ailing father, Richard Hoffman famously stated, "My child, I'm afraid you are going to be an artist."
Dreyer used a USH A photo of Chapman for the main source for the original clay sculpture. In addition to several other photos, Dreyer had a model pose like the statue so he could get the folds of the shirt just right, and he asked a "hair-challenged" friend to get the skull shape just right.
From clay sculpture to mosaic and oils to pencil drawing, Funk's work is rich with color, fantasy, and the human form.
His obsession with recreating a mysterious clay sculpture sparks a quest to get to the bottom of the alien encounter.
His obsession with recreating a mysterious clay sculpture sparks an epic quest to get to the bottom of the alien encounter.