clean bill of health

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Noun1.clean bill of health - an assurance that someone is healthy or something is in good condition; "the doctor gave him a clean bill of health"
assurance - a statement intended to inspire confidence; "the President's assurances were not respected"
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permitted to land, though we showed a clean bill of health. They
"I know he's asking an awful price," I interrupted, "and atop of it he wants an extra thousand for what he calls your clean bill of health."
M'Leod's extra thousand for what you called the 'clean bill of health' was something toward my cousins' estate when we sold.
With this clean bill of health, Mozzart Bet is now set to unveil its Sh10 million JackPot winner in Nairobi on Friday.Sources also indicate 10 of the other affected betting firms are in negotiations with the government and could resume operations soon.
This report promises a clean bill of health - but this isn't the last word.
The pub chain reassured customers the problem had been "dealt with" and the boozer had a "clean bill of health".
Donald Trump has been given a clean bill of health after his annual medical.
'Clean bill of health'The report prepared for the audit meeting also noted the council has PS10m borrowing outstanding to pay.
In particular, it should not make the mistake of falsely interpreting the IAEA report as stating Iran is complying with the JCPOA, given the lack of any such statement in the report." The Islamic Republic perpetually declares that the IAEA gives it such a clean bill of health in each quarterly report.
It is believed Irving complained of pains before the match but he was later handed a clean bill of health by medics.
e auditor has refused to give an unconditional clean bill of health to the accounts of Cardi and Vale, Hywel Dda, and Powys Teaching health boards.