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Except in the matter of cleanness,--a cleanness that seemed to go down to the deepest fibers of him,--Nathaniel Letton was unlike the other in every particular.
He, too, gave the impression of cleanness. He showed in the pink of health; his unblemished, smooth-shaven skin shouted advertisement of his splendid physical condition.
Everything had been done to make the iron ship perfect, but no wit of man had managed to devise an efficient coating composition to keep her bottom clean with the smooth cleanness of yellow metal sheeting.
Morison, was making his task an extremely difficult one--it was that quality of innate goodness and cleanness which is a good girl's stoutest bulwark and protection--an impregnable barrier that only degeneracy has the effrontery to assail.
She was clean, and her cleanness revolted; but she was woman, and she was just beginning to learn the paradox of woman.
Wilson could not imagine her permitting herself to do anything badly, but he was surprised at the cleanness of her execution.
The social instinct was strong in them, yet they had remained lonely because they could not satisfy that instinct and at that same time satisfy their desire for cleanness and decency.
"We have established a special unit for the drive and he, himself would be supervising the cleanness campaign," he said.
LARKANA -- The Newly elected Mayor of Larkana in his surprise visit has ordered to concerned department and local administration to improve drained and cleanness system of he city on priority basis.
All Assistant Commissioners of Tehsil levels would be the incharges to monitor the cleanness of cities and submit the report to their high ups on daily basis.
The General Cleanness Department at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) has been engaged in intense preparations for the upcoming Eid al-Fitr, according to a statement.