clear liquid diet

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Noun1.clear liquid diet - a diet of fluids with minimal residues (fat-free broth or strained fruit juices or gelatin); cannot be used for more than one day postoperative
liquid diet - a diet of foods that can be served in liquid or strained form (plus custards or puddings); prescribed after certain kinds of surgery
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Efficacy of prepackaged, low residual test meals with 4L polyethylene glycol versus a clear liquid diet with 4L polyethylene glycol bowel preparation: A randomized trial.
During the initial phases of recovery, patients are restricted to a clear liquid diet, yet surprisingly they have few carbohydrate-free choices, and those that are available do not fit within the clear liquid diet.
The following morning, Felicia was put on a clear liquid diet. After she tried to drink some broth and some Sprite, she felt a sharp, severe burning sensation in the "upper part" of her abdomen.
When patients are on a clear liquid diet post-op, are the binders held or given?