1. Any of various diurnal moths of the family Sesiidae, having scaleless transparent wings and a wasplike appearance, some of which are pests of crops.
2. Any of various other similar moths, especially of the family Sphingidae.


(ˈklɪəˌwɪŋ) or

clearwing moth

(Animals) any moth of the family Sesiidae (or Aegeriidae), characterized by the absence of scales from the greater part of the wings. They are day-flying and some, such as the hornet clearwing (Sesia apiformis), resemble wasps and other hymenopterans



any moth of the family Aegeriidae, having transparent, scaleless wings.
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This includes the tormentil mining bee, the Welsh clearwing moth and the small-white orchid," Sorcha added.
Stridulation of the clearwing meadow katydid Xiphelimum amplipennis, adaptive bandwidth.
Ffridd is an important home to wildlife like the Welsh clearwing moth, birds such as yellowhammer and chough, rare plants such as the lesser butterfly orchid, and important groups of grassland fungi and lichens.
The wings of the Lepidopteran family, Sesiidae, have very few scales, which leave the wings transparent; hence they are known as clearwing moths in the world.
Meyer Sound Laboratories, d&b audiotechnik, DiGiCo, and Clearwing productions will provide the tools to create the sonic tour de force in a venue of this size.
My favourites were a pair of six-belted clearwing moths, rarely found in North Wales, and the most westerly record by 40 miles.
These include pollinators such as clearwing flies as well as parasitoids that attack caterpillars and worms.
In addition to smells and their tales, visitors experience the great hum of life as bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and clearwing moths dance and buzz about on brightly colored blossoms amid textured leaves.
One is at all not surprised by the misdeeds of the Zionist mob in Tel Aviv, for the people of Palestine have known suffering for close to a hundred years culminating in tragic massacres of ethnic clearwing from Deir Yassin to Sabra and Shatila and to the slow and systematic annihilation of the people of Gaza.