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(Biography) Nick, full name Nicholas William Peter Clegg. born 1967, British politician; leader of the Liberal Democrat party from 2007; deputy prime minister from 2010
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Noun1.Clegg - large swift fly the female of which sucks blood of various animalsclegg - large swift fly the female of which sucks blood of various animals
gadfly - any of various large flies that annoy livestock
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Memoirist and literary agent Bill Clegg (Portrait of an Addict as a Young Man) has now conquered the world of literary fiction with his searing debut, Did You Ever Have a Family.
NICK Clegg has signed up with a speaking agency charging up to PS35,000 for his services.
UNLIKE David Cameron in his wellheeled Oxfordshire constituency or Ed Miliband in the rock-solid Labour seat of Doncaster North, Nick Clegg has not been able to take his constituency for granted.
MENTAL health patients have been let down by Nick Clegg, Labour said yesterday.
Clegg Food Projects has completed its latest scheme for its client the food manufacturing giant, 2 Sisters Food Group.
Nick Clegg toured Autofill Worldwide Ltd's factory on November 8, four days after accepting PS30,000 from Managing Director Anthony Ullmann.
Aaron Clegg put a blade to a teenager's chest in a Liverpool park before taking his mobile and another phone belonging to the victim's friend.
NICK CLEGG, who has apologised for breaking his pledge to vote against a hike in tuition fees for students, is 8-13 with Hills to lead his Liberal Democrat party into the next general election, writes Adrian Humphries.
NICK Clegg MP, the Leader of the Liberal Democrats, has put forward the suggestion of a 'time-limited wealth tax' on those who can afford to pay such tax.
The Tories plan to shut their HQ in Sheffield, where Deputy PM and Lib Dem leader Clegg faces a tough battle to hold his Hallam seat.
DEPUTY Prime Minister Nick Clegg yesterday used a visit to Cardiff to call on banks to stop "sitting on their hands" and start lending to small businesses.