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Of or relating to a flower that does not open and is self-pollinated in the bud.

[Greek kleistos, closed (from kleiein, to close) + -gamous.]

cleis·tog′a·my (-mē) n.
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(klaɪˈstɒg ə məs)

also cleis•to•gam•ic

(ˌklaɪ stəˈgæm ɪk)

pertaining to or having pollination occurring in unopened flowers.
[1880–85; < Greek kleistó(s) closed, v. adj. of kleíein to close, bar + -gamous]
cleis•tog′a•my, n.
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Adj.1.cleistogamous - exhibiting or relating to cleistogamy
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Flowers are homomorphic, selffertile, and cleistogamous with pollination occurring before the flower opens [14].
Normally, chasmogamous flowers are few in comparison to the self-fertile, closed cleistogamous flowers.
In groundnut, heterosis cannot be exploited for higher production through commercial hybrids due to cleistogamous nature of flower and poor seed recovery during hybridization.
Self-incompatibility is common across the family, but some herbs and smaller-flowered species can show self-pollination and cleistogamous flowers (Herrera, 1992; Talavera et al, 1993, 1997; Rodriguez-Perez, 2005; Aragon & Escudero, 2008; Guzman et al., 2015).
Chasmogamous flowers borne in pairs at tips of vegetative stems; bract subtending each flower like a vegetative leaf but generally smaller, 4-9 mm long, 1.5-2 mm wide; peduncle 3-10 mm long, shorter in flowers, elongating as fruits mature; bracteoles borne at or slightly below apex of peduncle, spreading, resembling miniature leaves 1.5-3 mm long, 0.8-1.5 mm wide, ovate, deciduous in fruit; pedicel 3-7 mm long, shorter in flowers, elongating as fruits mature; cleistogamous flowers not found.
Life history trade-offs in Amphibromus scabrivalvis (Poaceae): Allocation to clonal growth storage, and cleistogamous reproduction.
Grains of spring barley (sort-Nutans 115, forming fibrous root systems, cleistogamous) cultivated in the Shirak valley (Armenia) were supplied by the Echmiadzin Research Center of Agriculture and Plant Protection (Armenia) for experimental purpose.
Beans are among the easiest of plants from which to save seed; this is in part due to their cleistogamous flowers--flowers that aren't readily open to pollinators such as bees.
It was eventually discovered that these closed flowers were not cleistogamous but rather cross-pollinated by insects that penetrate the floral tissue (Gilmartin & Brown 1985).