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Of or relating to a flower that does not open and is self-pollinated in the bud.

[Greek kleistos, closed (from kleiein, to close) + -gamous.]

cleis·tog′a·my (-mē) n.


(Botany) self-pollination and fertilization of an unopened flower, as in the flowers of the violet produced in summer. Compare chasmogamy
cleisˈtogamous, cleistogamic adj


the state of bearing small flowers as well as fully developed ones, as in the pansy, in which the small ones do not open but are pollinated by their own anthers. — cleistogamous, adj.
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Noun1.cleistogamy - the production of small nonopening self-pollinating flowers
self-pollination - fertilization by transfer of pollen from the anthers to the stigma of the same flower
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The fact that the stigmata were receptive and the opening of anthers occurred before the calyptra fall shows cleistogamy, a form of self-pollination reported in other species (MULLINS et al.
Flowers of Psittacanthus species play an important role as nectar or pollen reward especially for hummingbirds (Rosero-Lasprilla & Sazima 2004, Azpeitia & Lara 2006, Wilson & Calvin 2006), although ornithophily appears to be facultative as successful cleistogamy is likely to occur (Suaza-Gaviria et al.
In addition to having showy blossoms, certain species possess a trait known as cleistogamy, meaning they are capable of self-pollination by means of tiny, barely noticeable flowers that resemble unopened buds.
The Mesoamerican subtribe Thyrsantheminae includes just 21 species, but contains nearly the full range of morphological and ecological diversity in the family: from fully open to tubular flowers, cleistogamy to chasmogamy, spreading stoloniferous plants to compact rosettes, and from habitats at sea level to 3,000 m in elevation.
Preanthesis cleistogamy in the genus Podostemum (Podostemaceae).
Genus Floral sex/Breeding system References Tillandsia Hermaphrodite/ Xenogamy, Gilmartin & Brown, Cleistogamy 1985; Gardner, 1986 Hechtia, Dyckia, Unisexual, bisexual/ Benzing, 2000; Cottendorfia, Polygamomonoecy, monoecy, Lenz, 1995; Lindmania xenogamy Ramirez et al.
Monomorphism reduced gene flow and cleistogamy in rara and common species of Lespedeza (Fabaceae).
Therefore, barley is considered as a self-pollinator with a high degree of cleistogamy (Giles et al.
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Instead, impatiens undergo cleistogamy - hidden fertilization - whereby flower buds that never open are self-fertilized internally, eventually forming seed capsules that, at the slightest touch, explode.
Evolution of reproductive characteristics in Impatiens (Balsaminaceae): The significance of cleistogamy and chasmogamy.