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n. pl. cleis·to·the·ci·a (-sē-ə) Botany
A closed spherical ascocarp.

[New Latin : Greek kleistos, closed (from kleiein, to close) + Greek thēkion, small case, diminutive of thēkē, receptacle; see dhē- in Indo-European roots.]
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Noun1.cleistothecium - closed spore-bearing structure of some fungi (especially Aspergillaceae and Erysiphaceae) from which spores are released only by decay or disintegration
ascocarp - mature fruiting body of an ascomycetous fungus
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One hundred Lil from each hybrid cleistothecium suspension (i.
For each tested cross one hybrid cleistothecium was analyzed and a total of 72 progeny were tested.
The fungus produces a sexual fruiting body called cleistothecium," explained Gubler.