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n. pl. clep·sy·dras or clep·sy·drae (-drē′)
An ancient device that measured time by marking the regulated flow of water through a small opening. Also called water glass.

[Latin, from Greek klepsudrā : kleptein, kleps-, to steal + hudōr, water; see wed- in Indo-European roots.]


n, pl -dras or -drae (-ˌdriː)
(Horology) an ancient device for measuring time by the flow of water or mercury through a small aperture. Also called: water clock
[C17: from Latin, from Greek klepsudra, from kleptein to steal + hudōr water]


(ˈklɛp sɪ drə)

n., pl. -dras, -drae (-ˌdri)
[1640–50; < Latin < Greek klepsýdra <kléptein to steal + hýdōr water]


an instrument for measuring time by the controlled flow of water or mercury through a small opening.
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Noun1.clepsydra - clock that measures time by the escape of waterclepsydra - clock that measures time by the escape of water
clock - a timepiece that shows the time of day
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The Ancient Agora Museum in Athens houses a host of artifacts related to Athenian democracy, including a clepsydra, or water clock, which was used to impose time limits on speeches before tribunals and in political discourse in late fifth century B.
Vitrea multiplices guttatim temporis horas Clepsydra consumpsit: toties sophia utraque, sacra Pagina, rethorices, nitido micuere sub ore.
Curious students will gain perspective on world history from the time line, which places in order of invention such valuable entities as the numeral system, clepsydra, and encyclopedia.
Their set will include hit songs Clepsydra (Hourglass) and Oniropagida (Dream Catcher).
Woodhull, Winifred (2006), "Monique Wittig Reconsidered," Clepsydra 5: 147-166.
Those already pencilled in include 2010 broodmare of the year Binche, dam of Group 1 winners Proviso and Byword, Heat Haze, a dual Grade 1-winning half-sister to Dansili and Cacique, and Clepsydra, dam of the Group 1-winning fillies Passage Of Time and Timepiece.
The section on time measurement features three essays: technological development from clepsydra to clock, the personal account of a court astrologer, and Ottoman clock towers.
By means of an astrolabe or clepsydra (shisha-i sa'at, lit, hourglass), (80) we determine the time of the start and end of the eclipse.
These questions assessed students' ability to connect the processes in a verbally complex caption to a static diagram and infer how the clepsydra worked, that is, to understand an image-language relation of distribution where material processes were distributed across image and caption in the following manner.
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