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A policy of supporting the power and influence of the clergy in political or secular matters.

cler′i·cal·ist n.
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Noun1.clericalist - one who advocates clericalism
adherent, disciple - someone who believes and helps to spread the doctrine of another
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It has struck a blow to clericalist ambitions and heartened the sometimes weary and harried defenders of church-state separation and religious liberty.
Tony Minniti, a parishioner who retired here from New York, said this region of the Charlotte diocese has been filled with pastors, most a few years from ordination, who embrace a clericalist mindset.
Bottum captures some of the remarkable aspects of this moment, particularly the rise of an intellectualized Catholic faith, one that had moved decisively from the uneducated, pious, clericalist, and ethnic Catholicism of the urban ghettos to a highly educated lay movement that was driven especially by the theologically and intellectually rich papacies of John Paul II and Benedict XVI.
The Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian of Austria had been offered the Mexican throne after French troops had crossed the Atlantic to impose a conservative clericalist regime in place of the republican government of Benito Juarez, which, after winning a civil war, had suspended payment of foreign debts.
For "what no one properly to be a called a humanist could adhere to was an Augustinian belief in the total and helpless depravity of fallen man, or to Lutheran solifidianism, or to a clericalist view by which the priesthood acted as the sole channel of grace, or to a total denial of free enquiry" (G.
The polar opposite to Anatole France in both literature and politics, the antiDreyfusard Barres involved himself with Action Francaise, the anti-semitic and clericalist monarchist party which advocated a mystical, ethnic and ultramontane nationalism, and still sought revanche for the 1871 French defeat.
The spontaneous and informal devotion was taken in hand by the church, which enjoyed a revival of influence that was confirmed by the installation of an authoritarian regime sympathetic to clericalist values in 1932.
Zameret, 'Yes to a Jewish State, No to a Clericalist State: The Mapai Leadership and Its Attitude to Religion and Religious Jews," in On Both Sides of the Bridge: Religion and State in the Early Years of Israel, edited by M.
The HU-LCD would do this due to its clericalist agenda, while the Social Democrats would solve their clan's economic agenda, according to Donskis, who also wrote that democracy in Lithuania survives only due to EU membership.
The new governments alternated between French Revolution style laicist regimes and clericalist conservative governments.
Anticlerical, socialist, and federalist, they embodied everything the clericalist, corporatist, and nationalist doctrinal sociologists had fought against in the 1930s.
A strong clericalist, Bramhall nevertheless sought to restrict some episcopal powers in order to eliminate ecclesiastical court abuses and to prevent bishops from alienating episcopal property.