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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - a succession of clicks
sound - the sudden occurrence of an audible event; "the sound awakened them"
clickety-clack, clickety-click - a fast and rhythmic click-clack; "the clickety-clack of the typewriters"
References in classic literature ?
At last, about four o'clock, at the very moment when the Abbe de Sponde returned home, and just as mademoiselle began to think she had set the table with the best plate and linen and prepared the choicest dishes to no purpose, the click-clack of a postilion was heard in the Val-Noble.
9 RACE EACH OTHER IN A STAMPEDE One of the first rides built in the park more than 20 years ago, Stampida has two click-clack big dippers that "race" each other.
Kris' character hears the unnerving click-clack of Lotus Feet's bound feet and she sees all the victims of the bagua.
If you share your life with a dog, you may have heard the "click-clack " sound of too long nails on the kitchen or living room floor.
It once echoed to the click-clack of the loom and the gentle whirr of spinning wheel and winding pirn as the Brydein and Christie families proudly wove the shawls, rugs and tartans that made the village famous.
Remember that the next time you walk past a molding machine and hear a repetitive click-clack, clickclack, click-clack.
Georgie's shop smelt strongly of Brylcreem and shaving soap, and was a quiet male refuge, the only sound generally being the click-clack of Georgie's scissors.
With Hunt You Down , Kesha delivers a few tongue-in-cheek threats of bodily harm over a vintage click-clack beat, making a smart nod to Miranda Lambert's Mama's Broken Heart .
Moaning Stars On bright nights, summer nights if she closed her eyes real tight, she said she could hear the stars moan, And if she listened caretully, and long enough, she heard the universe churn and click-clack, like the boxcar taking her ancestors to Auschwitz, under a dark crushed moon.
No high heels, no click-clack, no fashionable black dress, but the empty rundown space and the woman are real.
Gaiman offers his own ingenious spin on Sherlock Holmes in his award-nominated mystery tale The Case of Death and Honey, whilst Click-Clack the Rattlebag explains the creaks and clatter we hear when we're all alone in the darkness.
Ipe wood insets are placed throughout the yard; "when you walk on them, you get a great click-clack sound underfoot--just like on a boardwalk," says Tessier.